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I agree that, after submission, the photos submitted by me can be freely used by Mozambique Heritage to forward the association’s goals, so long that mention is made of the photographer. I agree that no claim over the photo will be made by me or anybody related to me one way or another. As a participant, I fully accept the verdict of the organizers and their appointed adjudicators. I fully understand that the photographs submitted will not be returned and cannot be duplicated after submission to Mozambique Heritage.

For all the participants sign your personal info here.



  1. Maximum of two photos per participant, from one or both categories.
  2. For the Portrait category, the photo should be head and shoulders or head only.
  3. For the Activity Category, the photo may be a close up or taken from a distance.
  4. A caption for the photography must be submitted. Not more than 20 words.
  5. Name of the photographer and the name of the subject.
  6. Participant form below fully filled out and returned in time.
  7. Submission of both photo and form must have reached the organizers the latest at midday on date 21st December 2012.
  8. Photos must be saved as JPEG and will be of 1M (max). Photos taken on a digital camera (6mp+).
  9. Participants must be over 16 but subjects may be aged 10-100.
  10. Participation is free. However, if your photography is retained after the preliminaries, you will be invited to become a member of Mozambique

Mozambique Heritage will not be responsible for any complaint/objection from the subject photographed by the candidate.While artistic quality and personal style are encouraged, any obscene photography will be immediately disqualified.